Final project

I suppose to work on my final project, but more I think, I feel like that I should re-consider my layout, more suite for a mobile…

I know that I should have done in the last week, but I have decided to work on my CS81 final project instead.  One good thing is that CS81 final project can be submitted any time-I can still add more styles though.



As I have been working in an industry, I agree with what Fabian Geyrhalter and Chris Do talked about having my own “brand”.

But at the same time, I know how difficult to “establish” a brand.  It may take several years or even over a decade to establish a brand.  If you receive some well-known awards, it will shorten to establish it for sure.  But establishing a brand, you have to have a strong idea/concept, thoughts and direction for your work from the beginning and not to change the basics.

If you don’t get a lot of work and face to a financial problem, it’s very hard not to change your brand, i.e., your style, your identity and what you do and what you don’t.

I think that it’s easier to survive as a generalist, but if you have your brand, you’ll work with people who understand you more, appreciate you more and successful more.

Final project ideas

These are my possible logos-font colors are #3d372e (dark brown) and #536336 (dark green) and fonts are Dragonfly, Viner Hand ITC and Dead Hardy (from top to bottom). 

Probably I will use a dark green version of Dragonfly font as my logo.



I really need to work on the navigation…  I will use “The Select Menu” which I chose from “Responsive Navigation Pattern” article, but I haven’t created the actual (sample) navigation yet… 😦

Final project ideas

I now have to rebrand my midterm project and I’ll name a pseudo company, which sells household cleaning products, ECCO Clean products.

A word “ecco” in Italian uses in an expression quick and easy, which suites their products’ feature, easy to use for quick cleaning and the sound “ECCO” is close to an English word, eco (although “ecco” sounds like “echo” in English).

I haven’t decided which color pallets I will use yet, but these are the possible color scheme I will use for my final project.

Color scheme for my final project


Now time for me to think about which type of navigation I will use…!

Midterm project-revised

This is my revised version of my midterm project.  Yes, you can call me a cheater… :p

For the smartphone versions, I added extra social media icon on the home page and changed for the search criteria for a store location from just only by a zip code but added also search by a city/state as well.


For both tablet and desktop versions, I added extra social media icon.


Smart phone version



Tablet version




Desktop version